San Diego Newborn Photography Studio

This little sweetie pie did a fantastic job sleeping for me at his newborn session in the studio. Dad is a SD Firefighter, and I am so glad that his parents decided to incorporate this into baby’s session. I love it when parents have ideas they want to use. They also brought a family tartan that they wanted to include. So excited about their beautiful session, and happy to share this San Diego newborn photography session.

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San Diego Cake Smash Photographer

I love seeing my clients grow over the years. I photographed this sweeties newborn photos, as well as a family session back in the fall. She’s now a YEAR OLD! Time goes by so fast and they really do grow up too fast. That is coming from me, with a 13 and 14 year old at home. I miss this sweet age!

When you book a cake smash session with the studio, keep in mind that I have a beautiful wardrobe available for clients to use. You can either bring your own outfits, or you can leave it all in my hands. This mama of three didn’t have to do anything other than show up at my studio with a happy baby girl. We worked together to select backdrops, and I had all of the drops set up and outfits set out for her to choose from when she arrived. I love giving this level of service to my clients! Mom showed up and really appreciated not having to do all the work! (These outfits are all by my favorite vendor - Chicaboo).

Such a sweet session! Hope you enjoy!

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San Diego Surrogacy Newborn

I'm so excited to share this very special session that I feel honored to have captured. Little Audrey's parents traveled to San Diego from Australia, to be there for the birth of their baby girl via a lovely surrogate. It was a 12 year wait for this baby. It was so amazing to capture their maternity session, then witness and capture her birth, and then have the family and their surrogate into the studio for baby Audrey's newborn session.

She did a FABULOUS job for her session and I was so happy that we were able to get so much variety for the family. What a sweet little bundle!

It was great to do some of my own homework and learn a little about surrogacy during the process. California is a very surrogacy friendly state.

<3 It was such a pleasure meeting these very special people - mom, dad, Audrey and their lovely surrogate.

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San Diego Cake Smash Photography Studio

We LOVE capturing first year portraits… and our favorite is the one year Luxe Cake Smash session. Our studio provides a top of the line experience for all of our clients. Three sets/outfit changes are provided, and we also include the cake, and a quick bath for baby in our claw foot tub at the end of the session! SO CUTE!

Contact us to book your one year cake smash session today!

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Surrogacy Maternity Photography Session

I am so excited to share this very special session! This image is a capture of a mother and a father, hand in hand, the hand, facing the beautiful surrogate that is carrying their baby girl. Can you imagine, how loved this little one will be! She will be traveling back to Australia a few weeks after her arrival. In the meantime, mom and dad are waiting for her to arrive, any day now.

I’ll be sharing more images from this beautiful surrogate maternity session soon.

“However motherhood comes to you, it’s a miracle.”


Circus / Ringmaster Cake Smash - San Diego Cake Smash Photographer

I was so happy to hear from this little guy’s mom. I photographed him at just a week old, and she wanted to book his one year cake smash session at the studio. Cake smash sessions are so much fun! I love working with parents to create the perfect theme for their child. I have to say that he is one of the most smiley smashers that I have had in the studio. I think he smiled in just about every picture. Super fun! Mom chose a circus, ringmaster theme for his smash. She ordered his beautiful outfit, custom made in Mexico by Sophie’s Closet. It really was so well made - just beautiful. I handled the rest - the backdrop, all the cute props and the cake. Everything came together SO well! Love the outcome!

They also added on a framed collage from the session… this is my FAVORITE product for this age. It is a 16x16 matted print in a 20x20 frame. Everyone needs one of these! And I customize it to match whatever set we used from the session. So darling.

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San Diego Maternity - Leo Carrillo Ranch

I truly love capturing the glow of all of these amazing moms to be. Its such a special and fleeting time in a woman’s life, and its really just beautiful to capture. This mama was no exception! We shot her session at one of my favorite North County spots - Leo Carrillo Ranch. I love the variety of settings at this gorgeous location.

leo carrillo ranch maternity photography 1.jpg

San Diego Cake Smash - Beauty and the Beast Inspired

Its always so fun for me to see my clients go from brand new week old babies, to one year busy toddlers on the go! This little darling is no exception! I loved shooting her newborn, and now her one year session. My cake smash sessions come with three set / outfit changes, as well as the cake! Mom chose these three adorable sets, with the cake smash being Beauty and the Beast inspired! The dress is in my studio wardrobe, so if you want your own Beauty and the Beast smash - I’m your girl!

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San Diego Newborn Portrait Studio

This was a very special session for me! An old photographer friend from my time in Northern California, brought her sweet little daughter to me all the way from Utah! We used to shoot together, and it was so great to see her after about 4 years. And her little sweetie was 12 WEEKS for this shoot! I can work wonders, even with “older” babies. She slept long enough for me to get these beautiful shots…. and plenty of awake ones too. Thank you for coming to see me friend! She’s just gorgeous!

Encinitas Newborn Photography Studio - TWINS

Loved working with this sweet couple, and their new additions.  A little boy and little girl, TWINS.  They were around 10 weeks for their session, as they were in the NICU for awhile prior to the session.  I can still capture beautiful shots, even with "older" newborns!

We also shot some BESTAROO clothing for our mutual friend who owns Bestaroo!  So darling.


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