Lake Tahoe Family Photography - The M Family

It was a pleasure working with this lovely family of four.  Nicole contacted me about a week ago to see if I would photograph their family.  She is a photographer in Connecticut, and they were planning a family vacation at Lake Tahoe... and they wanted photos taken.  It is an honor to be asked by a fellow photographer!  Here are a few sneak peek photos. I am based in Sacramento, but my in-laws live in Tahoe full time.  So if you are finding this post, and interested in Tahoe photos, please don't hesitate to ask.  I love shooting at Lake Tahoe!

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Lake Tahoe Family Photography - Vacation!

We took a much needed break last week, and I'm so happy to have had the time off!  My beautiful step daughter was visiting from Texas, and we traveled to Southern California, as well as Lake Tahoe for our trip.  I LOVE the town of Truckee, and we grabbed a few shots of my step daughter there.  I love the urban spots, as well as the fact that there are gorgeous meadows less than a mile from the downtown.  GREAT spot for photography.  Speaking of Lake Tahoe, my in-laws live there full time, and I'm there about once a month on weekends.  If you are searching for a family photographer to do photos there, I'm open to comparing calendars, and shooting there! Lake Tahoe, Truckee family photographerLake Tahoe family photographer