Sacramento Maternity Photographer - Outdoors and Studio

I just have to say that there is no woman more beautiful than an expecting mother.  Something about the anticipation of new life, and the love that we as women feel, for our baby before they are even born.  It's amazing.  And to capture that brief state of motherhood is a very special thing. Amy is a fellow photographer, and we had a great time doing her maternity portraits.  One thing that I HIGHLY recommend doing if you book a maternity session, is having your makeup and hair done.  You're investing in the pictures.  You'll want to look fabulous.  I know many women are afraid of the makeup/hair process.  But I only work with the BEST in the area, and these gals know how to do it right.  Not too heavy, just the perfect amount of glamour balance with who you really are.  For Amy's session, we worked with the sweet and talented Melissa, at All Dolled Up.  Amy looked fabulous.

I also provide wraps for you to use.  I have about 20 to select from, and I love being able to provide this to my clients.  You can bring an outfit of your own also, but I really love it when my clients use the wraps.

Book your maternity session now!  30-34 weeks is the best time.

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