Sacramento Family Photography - My Family!

Believe it or not, it is REALLY hard to get my kids to take photos. Yes, the photographer's children, they cannot stand it. They have gone through phases where I can bribe them... but right now at 6 and 8 they are not in one of those phases. Although at the pumpkin patch they did a pretty good job - but only because my husband was standing behind me being crazy and making noises and faces.  Could not have done it without him! This awesome old Ford has been at our neighborhood pumpkin patch for several years, and in the past it has been out on display. The owners are renovating it and have it put away, but they told us we could shoot near it. I was actually pretty bummed because the last few years I have a photo of them by the tailgate... I was hoping to have that picture every year so that we could see how they have grown. I was so sad this year when I could not get that shot. :( Oh well. I just have to say that FALL is one of my favorite times to photograph... the light is amazing.  There is a difference between fall light and light during the rest of the year.  It was amazing for our trip to the patch.

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