Maternity Outdoor Portraits - San Diego / Carlsbad

It was so wonderful meeting this sweet family, expecting baby number two in just a few short weeks! Their little girl was so adorable, and mommy coordinated outfits perfectly! We didn't know there would be such gorgeous golden flowers to match baby's dress!  Gown by Chicaboo and available in the studio for mommies to wear!

Mama's hair and makeup by Jill Steward

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Rainbow Maternity Photography

So in love with a new gown that has come into the studio!  Who are my Rainbow Moms out there? A “rainbow baby” is a baby that is born following a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss.  In the real world, a beautiful and bright rainbow follows a storm and gives hope of things getting better. The rainbow is more appreciated having just experienced the storm in comparison.

Book your session with Lovely Baby Photography... you'll have access to use of my entire gown collection (over 50 gowns).

This gorgeous gown is made by Chicaboo. If you are a photographer and are interested in this gown, you need to contact Chicaboo! Her designs are amazing and affordable! This is a version that we tested out, and she has done some changes to the final design. Excited to share the final design once its done!

rainbow maternity gown

Gorgeous Maternity Beach Photography - San Diego

I am so excited about these gorgeous images of two moms in new gowns that I have added to my collection.  This is the Grace gown, and I have it in eight colors for my clients to use!  I am so excited to have almost 60 stunning gowns for my clients to use during maternity sessions.  Thank you to Chicaboo  and Jill Stewart (makeup) for working with me to create these images.  I love shooting beautiful mamas to be!  Just a few images for now! san diego maternity photographer 1san diego maternity photographer 2

San Diego area Studio Maternity Portrait Photography

Loved working with this beautiful mama, expecting her baby any day now!  She was stunning in our maternity gowns that we provide to our clients to use during their session either in the studio or outdoors.  Although I love both styles - studio and outdoor - there is something beautiful and classic about a maternity portrait made in the studio.  So lovely! 01 san diego maternity studio photography02 san diego maternity studio photography03 san diego maternity studio photography

San Diego Beach Maternity Photographer

Loved meeting this beautiful couple that are expecting triplets!  So exciting!  I love beach sessions... and I always choose locations in the San Diego area that have sheltered areas above the beach, in addition to beautiful sandy beaches.  I have a few favorite spots.  I also provide wardrobe for my clients to use during their maternity session - gorgeous gowns for the mom to be!  I have a beautiful selection, and this gorgeous mama to be wore four different gowns during her San Diego beach maternity session.  I want to make sessions EASY for my clients.  Just show up with your hair and makeup done (I can recommend local makeup artists) and I can have the rest prepared for you!

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Motherhood Sessions - San Diego

I will start off by saying that my little ones are not so little any longer.  They are 10 and 12, and although I love the older stage that they are in now I have to admit that I sometimes miss that they were once tiny.  Which is why I love being able to offer these gorgeous Motherhood Sessions in my Carlsbad studio.  I will be releasing dates for these Limited Edition sessions coming up in a few months.  I provide the outfits/gowns and outfits for babies up to one year old.  These nursing / breastfeeding sessions are best for babies under a year.  The little ones tend to be distracted as they get older.  Both of these sweet little ones were 8 months old. Something about the all ivory set and babies bonding over breastfeeding with mom, is something that lasts for just a short time.  What an amazing time to capture through portraits!

To be added to our list and receive information on these sessions when they happen, please contact


Carlsbad Beach Maternity Photography Session

Loved working with beautiful mom to be, for her third pregnancy.  She looks fabulous! I provide a gorgeous selection of wardrobe for my clients to use during maternity sessions.  This takes a lot of work out of your session - you don't need to bring anything!  I am new to Carlsbad, but I have already started connecting with other local businesses.  Including the amazingly talented Claire of Claire Alyse Makeup, who did hair and makeup for our gorgeous mama.  I highly recommend working with Claire for your maternity session.  You want to look your best, and she does an incredible job!

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San Diego Maternity Studio Portraits

What a beautiful session!  It rained on the day we had scheduled, and this family originally wanted an outdoor session.  But I am glad that we shot inside, because I have a spot in my heart for a classic studio maternity portrait.  Remember that I do have a beautiful wardrobe available for my maternity clients to wear during their session! 01 carlsbad maternity photographer02 san diego maternity photographer03 del mar studio maternity photographer

San Diego Area Outdoor Maternity Portraits

What a beautiful session!  I loved working with this sweet couple, due with a little boy very soon!  I can't wait to meet him.  And I can't wait to share more images from this stunning session! Remember that working with me takes a little of the work out of having your portraits done. I do have a beautiful selection of maternity wardrobe for my clients to use, including the beautiful green gown by Sew Trendy and the ivory wrap in the last image.

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Gorgeous Miriam Gown by Sew Trendy.

La Jolla Beach - Maternity Portrait Photography

This is another favorite family of mine... adding baby number two! I shot mom and dad's engagement and wedding. And I shot Zoey's maternity, newborn and first year portraits. And now I am shooting their new baby boys maternity and newborn portraits! I love clients that come back year after year, and to see their families grow! I also love that mom wanted to have matching floral crowns for her and her daughter.  This is something that I offer as an add on to your session.  They are fresh flower crowns - so beautiful!

We're excited to shoot more beach maternity sessions in Southern California, including La Jolla and Windandsea Beach.

01 sacramento roseville maternity photography03 sacramento roseville maternity photography02 sacramento roseville maternity photography04 sacramento roseville maternity photography

Sacramento Family and Maternity Outdoor Portraits

I really have a hard time deciding if I love outdoor maternity sessions, or studio maternity sessions.  I cannot make up my mind because I love them both so much!  This image below though, makes me love outdoor maternity sessions because of the drama!  This can only happen just as the sun hits the horizon, and if there are dramatic clouds in the sky.  I am in LOVE with silhouettes.  I'll share more of this beautiful family soon.  I'm so excited because this is a couple whose wedding I shot four years ago!  They are expecting baby number two, and I cannot wait to capture their portraits. sacramento maternity photographer

Sacramento Maternity Outdoor Photography

Ahhhh, I loved this session so much! This gorgeous mama is back for more pictures. Her little guy, who I photographed two years ago, is going to be a big brother. Loved the light, the grass, the beautiful glowing mama, and these pictures! Can't wait to share more. This is a new dress that I made recently, and is available for my clients to use during their session. I also made the floral crown (can be added onto any session as well).  Remember that when you book your maternity session along with your newborn session, you receive half off your maternity session fee!  I have dozens of gorgeous maternity wraps and this gorgeous "tutu" for you to use if you wish. sacramento maternity photographer

More from this beautiful session!

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