Chevron Shark Birthday Party - Oh My!

Just a personal share... I'm totally behind on blogging, but I had to put this post together to share from my son's 8th birthday party this past weekend.  He is into sharks in a major way right now.  I love putting on a themed party, and I try to do it for each of my kids for their birthday each year.  I grew up not celebrating birthdays, so I think I overcompensate with my own kids.  Crazy, I know... but I have so much fun doing it! I design stationery in addition to being a photographer ( is my stationery site).  So I created the invites first... and then went to work on the rest.  I worked with my friend Christy, from Celestial Bites in Roseville, to design the cake.  I wanted the cake to be ombre in his party colors, with a cute little shark atop.  (You can find her at  I had the frame at home, and the chevron fabric at home to put on the table.  Added my "toilet paper" backdrop (that's what my husband calls the pretty ivory and white garland in the back) and we were good to go!  He had a great time at his party, surrounded by his family and friends.  That's what its all about, right?!  Happy Birthday A!!  XOXO.

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